the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK
the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK

A la Carte Menu


Soup of the Day £5.50 Can be GF
Served with croutons and cream

Melon and Parma Ham £6.95 GF

Warm Duck Salad £7.50 GF
Mixed leaves topped with sliced Breast of Duck, Orange
segment and toasted almond Nuts

Grilled Asparagus £8.50 GF
Local Asparagus grilled and served with a tarragon sauce

Prawns Catalane £7.80 GF
Large peeled prawns Sautéed with parsley butter, Chorizo, Sage,
garlic, chilli, and a drizzle of white wine

Smoked Haddock & Spinach Tart £7.95
Served warm with tomato sauce & topped with a Hollandaise sauce

Baked Crab Thermidor £8.90 GF
Local crab served hot with a cheese sauce flavoured
with brandy and mustard

Main Course

Rabbit Grand-Mere £16.95 GF
Wild rabbit pot roasted in red wine with mushrooms and bacon

Rouget Grillé with Pernod £18.50 GF
Filets of red mullet with fennel grilled, then flambé with
Pernod and served with lemon

Chickpea Roast (vegetarian) £15.50
Chickpea, walnuts, mushrooms and coriander wrapped in
puff pastry and baked served with a mustard sauce

Fillet Steak with Peppercorn Sauce £25.95 GF
Swannington matured fillet of Beef with a peppercorn sauce

Bouillabaisse £17.95 Can be GF
Fish stew of salmon, prawns, sea bass white fish flavoured with garlic,
onion and tomatoes served piping hot with rouille,
garlic croutons and grated cheese

Breast of Chicken Mignonaise £16.95 GF
Breast of chicken rolled in sesame seeds, baked & served on a
bed of spinach with mustard sauce

Filet of Pork Normandy £17.95 GF
Filet of pork pan fried and served with sautéed apple and a
creamy calvados sauce

Roast Sea-Bream Provençale £17.50 GF
Filet of sea bass with herbs, tomatoes, and Black olives
roasted with Olive oil and White wine

Lobster Thermidor £27.95 GF
Local Lobster baked and served with a thermidor sauce

All main courses are served with a selection of vegetables (or salad) & potato

All Dessert at £6.40

 Raspberry Panna Cotta GF
Vanilla flavoured panna cotta served with fresh raspberries and its couli

Chocolate Mille-Feuille GF
Layers of thin crisp chocolate filled with dark & white chocolate
mousse served with a chocolate rum sauce

Apricot and Almond Tart
Served with Crème Fraiche

Nougat Glace GF
A light iced creamy Nougat flavoured with caramelised almonds
served with red fruit couli

Red Fruit Crumble Can be GF
Served hot with cream

Antoine’s Sorbet or Ice Cream GF
Selection of sorbet or ice cream

Cheeseboard £6.90
Selection of cheeses served with biscuits and French bread.


Dessert Wine
Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc Concha Y Toro -½ Bottle
Rich and complex. This is a first-class New World dessert wine.

Mistela Castell di Siurana - Spain -125ml Glass £4.50. Bottle 50cl £17.50
Intensely fresh & fruity as well as sweet this red dessert wine is a Wow

Vintage Port £3.25 (per glass)
Coffee £2.00 Tea £2.00
Liqueur Coffee £6.40 Floater coffee £3.50

Pepperpot gift vouchers available

(GF= Gluten Free)

Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal,
when making your order. Thank you.

the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK

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