the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK
the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK


From Thursday 21st November till Friday 29th November 2019

Lunch & Dinner £25.95


French Onion Soup Can be GF V
The best of soup served with garlic crouton and cheese.

Crêpes de Saumon à la Parisienne
Slice of smoked salmon rolled in thin pancake topped with lemon cream sauce and grilled

Moules Marinières GF
Fresh mussels cooked in white wine, shallot and cream.

Pate de Campagne Can be GF
Coarse pate flavoured with wine, garlic, onion and herbs served with toast
Cassolette of Pigeon GF
Seared breast of pigeon served on a fondue of spinach with
roasted pine nuts and a Red wine vinegar sauce

Main course

Boeuf Bourguignon GF
Diced beef marinated in red wine and herbs slowly cooked and served with baby onions, carrots and pilaf rice.

Medallion of Pork Duroc GF
Pan fried medallion of pork filet flambé with brandy finished with white wine, gravy, and butter topped with tomato concassée

Chaudrée Normande GF
Diced white fish and smoked haddock, cooked in a tomato sauce finished with diced camembert & mixed herbs

Roti d’agneau bearn
Braised Rump of lamb filled with garlic and herb stuffing flavoured with white wine, served with its cooking juices

Rouget Grillé with Pernod GF
Fillet of red mullet with fennel grilled, then flambé with
pernod and served with lemon


Apple Beignet V
Sliced apple in batter and fried served with an apricot sauce

Crêpe Suzette V
Pancakes served with brandy, Grand Marnier, orange and lemon sauce

Profiteroles au Chocolate V
Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream and smothered with hot chocolate sauce

Crème Caramel GF
Crème caramel flavoured with Vanilla

Cheese Platter (£2.00supplement) can be GF
A selection of French cheeses served with biscuit or bread

Add a scoop of Ice cream for £1.50
V= vegetarian GF=Gluten free

the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK

The Pepperpot Restaurant, Water Lane, West Runton, North Norfolk, NR27 9QP
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