the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK
the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK

Poseidon Menu 3 Course Menu £24.95
Available for Lunch & Dinner
Thursday 12th April till Friday 20th April


Fish Roulade
Roulade of salmon, prawn, sole, sea-bass and sea weed bound with a fish mousse served cold with yoghurt and chive dressing.

Blue Cheese, Grapes and Pecan Nut Salad GF
Rocket and chicory endive salad topped with Cheese,
Grapes and caramalized pecan nut

Liver Pate can be GF
Smooth pate served with chutney and Melba toast

Antoines’ Gravadlax GF
Salmon marinated with lemon, dill pepper and
mustard cut thinly

Egg Florentine GF
Soft Poached egg served on a bed of spinach finished with a cheese béchamel sauce

Water Cress Soup can be GF
Finished with cream and croutons

Main Course

Bouillabaisse Can be GF
Fish stew of salmon, prawns, sea bass white fish flavoured
with garlic, onion and tomatoes served piping hot with
rouille, garlic croutons and grated cheese

Fricassée of Scallops, Prawn, Calamari and Wild Mushrooms GF
Fresh scallops and diced squid pan fried with wild mushrooms, garlic, onion and parsley butter

Sole and Salmon Trellis GF
Filet of salmon and Sole in trellis served with a champagne sauce

Rouget Grillé with Pernod GF
Filets of red mullet with fennel grilled, then flambé
with Pernod and served with lemon

Mille Feuilles of Haddock and Spinach
Fresh and smoked haddock poached in milk and served
with layers of thin puff pastry and wilted spinach
with a horse radish sauce

Grilled Lamb Chop GF
Boneless lamb chop Grilled served with rosemary gravy

Asparagus and Stilton Melt GF
Fresh asparagus, walnut and cherry tomatoes topped
with crème fraiche flaked stilton and baked


Poire Belle Hélène GF
Vanilla ice cream topped with poached pear, hot chocolate
sauce and toasted almonds

Bread & Butter Pudding
Served hot with custard

Banana Cake
Banana cake flavoured with rum and served rum sauce

Cherry and Almond Tart
Served with Cream

Antoine Homemade Sorbet GF
Add a scoop of Ice cream for £1.50

Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal,
when making your order. Thank you.


the Pepperpot, West Runton, Norfolk, UK

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