The Pepperpot
French Take Away Restaurant
Water Lane, West Runton Norfolk NR27 9QP
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The Pepperpot Restaurant
Take away menu
01263 837 578

Take away opening Hours
Thursday: 5.00 pm till 9.00 pm
Friday: 5.00 pm till 9.00 pm
Saturday: 5.00 pm till 9.00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm till 3.00pm (Sunday roast Available)

Please place you order at least one day prior.
1. Phone 01263 837 578
2. Place you order with date and time required
3. Make Card payment
4. To collect, Come in to the car park and enter through the patio doors
5. Adhere to social distancing and guide lines at all times



1 Smoked Salmon Pan-cake £6.90
Slice of smoked salmon rolled in thin pancake topped with a lime & cream sauce then grilled
Served with our freshly baked bread

2 Liver Parfait £5.95 Gluten free (without the Bread)
Smooth liver parfait flavoured with brandy, Port & Madeira served with gherkins and our freshly baked bread

3 Prawns Catalane £7.50 Gluten free (without the Bread)
Large peeled prawns Sautéed with parsley butter, Chorizo, Sage, garlic, chilli, and a drizzle of white wine
Served with our freshly baked bread

4 Winter Cassolette £5.95 Gluten free (without the Bread)
Sautéed mushroom, shallots, bacon and diced chicken finished with cream and tarragon Served with our
freshly baked bread

5 Baked Crab Thermidor £8.95 Gluten free (without the Bread)
Local crab served hot with a cheese sauce flavoured with brandy and mustard
Served with our freshly baked bread

6 Stilton and Leek Tart £6.90
Puff pastry topped with leek, stilton, apples, and cherry tomatoes served warm with our freshly baked bread

Vegetarian Main course

22 Nuts Wellington
Chestnut, walnut, celery, mushroom, leek and almond, in a thin puff pastry baked and served with a red wine and rosemary sauce, potato galette and vegetables

23 Chickpea Roast £15.95
Chick pea walnuts mushrooms and coriander wrapped in puff pastry and baked served with a mustard sauce,
potato galette, and vegetables

Fish Main Course

31 Roast Seabass Nicoise £17.95 Gluten free
Filet of sea bass roasted with Mushroom, olive oil, lemon grass and mixed herbs
Served with potato galette and vegetables

32 Filet of Sole Baked £17.95
Open puff pastry topped with tomato concassée and filet of sole, finished with parmesan and a saffron sauce
Served with potato galette and vegetables

33 Bouillabaisse £16.95 (can be GF)
Fish stew of salmon, prawns, sea bass white fish flavoured with garlic, onion and tomatoes topped with garlic croutons and grated cheese and garlic sauce Served with freshly bake french baguette and pillaf rice

Side Order
91 Mixed Leave Salad Gluten free £3.50
92 Freshly Baked French Baguette (Whole ) £3.50

Meat Main Course

51 Chicken Breast Farci £15.95 Gluten free
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and bacon roasted with an onion and thyme sauce
Served with potato galette and vegetables

52 Confit of Duck £15.95 Gluten free
A slightly salted duck cooked in its own fat and served with a Sherry sauce
Served with potato galette and vegetables

53 Pork Agenais £16.50 Gluten free
Roast Pork medallions stuffed with prune soaked in brandy with a red wine sauce
Served with potatoes galette and vegetables

54 Yule Pie £16.90 (can be GF)
Diced mixed meat pie (Venison, beef & lamb) flavoured with onion herbs & mushrooms finished with red currant Jelly topped with short crust pastry, Served with potato galette and vegetables

55 Rabbit Grand-mère £15.95 Gluten free
Wild rabbit pot roasted with red wine, mushrooms and bacon Served with potato galette and vegetables

56 Shanks of Lamb £17.50 Gluten free
Shank of lamb pot roasted with red wine and herbs Served on the bone.
With potato galette and vegetables

Roast available on Sundays’ lunches, changes weekly please ask.


Individual desserts of the day at £4.75 please ask when you call

Blackcurrant Delice with Red Fruit Couli
Whole Cake (8/10 portion) £32.00
Ingredients: Blackcurrant, cream, sugar, sponge (Egg, Flour sugar), cassis liqueur Gelatine
Allergen: (soya, eggs, milk, Gluten, peanut and soya)

Cheese Cake choose from Passion Fruit, Lemon, or Lime
Whole Cake (8inches 8/10 portion) £32.00
Ingredients: Egg, Flour, Sugar, passion fruit (or lemon or Lime), Gelatine, Butter, Cream, cream cheese

Chocolate and Rum Yule Log
Whole Cake 6/8 portion £24.00, 8/10 portion £32.00
Ingredients: Dark chocolate, butter, Eggs, Cream, sugar, Rum

Lemon Drizzle Cake
Light sponge with layers of tangy lemon cream served with an orange and sauce
Whole cake (8inches 8/10 portion) £32.00

Iced Nougat Glacé Gluten free
Whole Log (5/6 portions) £18.00
A light iced creamy Nougat flavoured with caramelised almonds served with red fruit coulis


French Apple Tart
Whole Tarts: 6/8 portion (9.5 inches): £24.00, 8/10 portion (11inches): £32.00

Lemon Tart
Whole Tarts: 6/8 portion (9.5 inches): £24.00, 8/10 portion (11inches): £32.00

Apricot and Almond Tart
Whole tarts: 6/8 portion (9.5 inches): £24.00, 8/10 portion (11inches): £32.00

FOOD ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES Please speak to Debbie or Antoine about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order. Thank you.